QA Automation Internship Program

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Join us and take part in our QA Automation Internship program. We'll walk you through the process of developing the skills necessary to work as a QA Automation tester anywhere in the world. We will connect you with global and salary-competitive opportunities by enhancing your skills and positioning yourself through our network of partners.

We are more than a Bootcamp

We teach our team members through real-world projects guided by skilled mentors and coaches and cutting-edge development practices. We will help you develop your full potential.

Be part of our technological ecosystem. We are a community focused on nurturing talent, and as a member of our technology ecosystem, you will have access to opportunities you were previously unaware of. We know what international companies are looking for. We will assist you, provide you with resources, and link you with other individuals to develop the abilities that will allow you to achieve these jobs.

How does it work

You'll invest the next five months working on development projects and interacting in English with people from distinct parts of Latin America, the United States, and Canada. You'll learn to adapt to different accents, cultures, and work practices, as well as how to collaborate with individuals from other experiences. At the same time, our professional team of recruiters will help you find a job, and you'll also be qualified to complete the certification exam. We will deliver our experience as hiring managers for international companies.


Is a job in automation testing a wise choice?

Yes, automaton testing is a fantastic career choice for the following reasons:

  • By 2022, the global market for automation testing is estimated to reach $54.98 billion.
  • Some large corporations, including Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, constantly need qualified and certified Automation testing engineers.
  • With the use of automation tools such as Selenium, better and more measurable results can be achieved.

You can enroll in the online QA Automation Internship program for which **you will not pay anything; it is absolutely free.** In addition, **you will not have to renounce a portion of your salary** when your training is up. To align our goals with yours and ensure that our staff always prioritizes your professional success, we will match you with the ideal job opportunity available.

What will you learn during your QA Automation Internship?

You will learn the technical fundamentals of software testing, how to automate and integrate it into the CI/CD pipeline, and the soft skills and collaboration techniques required to develop collaborative projects in remote multicultural teams. The technologies used in the program are most in-demand by the industry's most prominent corporations today. This is our basic training package:

Software Testing

Test Types
Test Life Cycle
Strategy and Test Plan
Techniques and Test Case Design
Testing Tools

Programming Fundamentals

OOP concepts
Unit tests
Git and Github

API Testing (Microservices)

Tools and Frameworks

Test Automation

Tools and Frameworks (Selenium & Others)


Culture and Behavior
Organizational Models
Architecture (Fundamentals)
Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery and Automation
Modern Infrastructure and Cloud

Agile Testing

Agile: What is it, and How does Testing Fit in?
Adapting to Agile
Making Test Automation Work 
Testing Activities at the Release and Feature Level
Testing Approaches for Agile Testing

Our Team

Our mentors have real-world experience and know the best ways to help you grow and prepare for the job market.


Pablo Velasquez

Candidate Placement Director

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Katherine Cardona

QA Coach


Pablo Tena

Strategic Alliances


Elvis Mieles

Instructional Designer


Laura Pulgarin

Recruit Manager


William Vergara

Agile Facilitator


Deibi Riascos

Programing Fundamentals Coach

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Jaime Castillo

Academic Coach


Wbeimar Bernal

English Coach

Do you want to start now?

To be eligible for our program, you must meet the following requirements:

English proficiency: You must be able to have a conversation, as this will be the language used to communicate with your peers during the program. Through the program, you will have access to an English coach who will help you improve your English level. You may do a short interview here.

Programming knowledge (Prefered): We want to know that you're enthusiastic about programming! That is why, before beginning the program, we require students to have a basic understanding of Java or another object-oriented language.

Full-Time availability: You will learn through real projects, and it requires your daily dedication, an average of 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays on English sessions. This means that you will be unavailable to work or study another course while enrolled in our program.